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Cautions for Wiccans
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The Warning About Negative Magick

Negative Magick is a rare power that truely does exsist. Think about a

battery it has a + and a - , right, well so does magick. Everything has and

alternet like anti-protons they are exactly the same but the thing thats

different is the charge of it. Well, there is negative magick except the

charge of the magick is nagative -, and when I say negative Im not talking

about evil or bad its just a charge. The thing is though it gives the user

sertain ablities. These ablities are: the user can do any magick that the

person of positive magick thats near him or her can do; or a person of

positive magick can use a person of negative magick to amplify a spell they

want to use by sending it through this person just like when you put a

antiproton and a proton together you get energy; but the thing is negative

magick can deminish a positives magick reducing there ablities to almost

nothing just by being around a negative, so unless your mind is strong and

true you can not serpass these ablities unless you keep your distance, but

who has this rare power nobody knows until you come apon a person like

this like I did. I knew from meeting this person that something was wrong

I tried to stop what ever it was but a friend told me not to worry so

this idea lost interest to me I stopped my search. But luckly I have

problems with comitment and things to do so distance was brought between

us and my powers regained strenght and broke the spell I was under,

and I realized what was going on. I then created a spell to protect

positives from negatives it uses there magick againest them not to

harm them but to protect you. Use this spell wisely because if you

mess with a power that you haven't over come then it will have

great affects apon you. This is the warning, this is all

I have to say!

Now here is the Spell!

!-Negative Magick Repell Spell-!

Reverse of Reverse
Negative Not Positive
Protection is the Key
From Negative Magick
So Mote it Be
Return To Sender
!-Blessed Be-!

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