Warning: Potion making can be dangerous so don't mix the wrong ingredions.
Check and make sure your mix is not exsposve or poisonous before mixing
or drinking. I am not liable for miss use or effects of mixtures.

Horizons Exspand
Potion to exspand a person's horizons, may cause the person to tell the truth.
Mix: Hot chocolate with vanilla and cinnamon to taste.
Spells from spell page may be said to in hance the truth telling effect.

<=Note:Works for those with week minds.


Love Pouch's
Potion pouch to help three people or witches attract love into their lives. Use this only the help attract love not to suduce love this is evil and will cause a back fire.
Mix: Write Love on a of paper and put love dust, cinnimon, and extra spices for a spicer-uper in the sex life on the paper. Roll it up and tie with red or white ribben to bind the spell. Seal the spices in a white lace see through pouch and wear it around your neck or place in pocket for how ever many weeks until the spell and its contents take effect. Spells from spell page may be said to in hance the the effect of the love pouches.

<=Note:Works with the power of three only.



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