Magickal Protection

Warning and Notice:
Some magickal protections spells should only be used
when there is no other choice, not for everyday use. Protection spells fall under
what is gray magick, which means it is neither good nore evil but for deffence.
Negative magick is something a person might want to defend againest sence
the person that has the negative magick may not be aware of it's effects to you.
Check the warning about negative magick which is posted through a link on the
main page. Other things to use magical protection for would be these things:

1. pychic attacts
2. spiritual attacts
3. binding spells
4. negative wishing or the evil eye
5. Stealing use of ones magick for anothers use.
6. magickal traps
7. curses, hexs, or evil spells
8. unknown ablities
9. loss of magickal control
10. evil entities

To work magickal protection one must know the basics which is:

1. How to use spells, magick, and energies.
2. How to use your magickal tools or items at hand.
3. How to cast a circle.
4. Know the realistation of your natural world.
5. Know who to trust.
6. Understanding people and magickal ablities.
7. Know the rule of three and the wiccan rede.
8. Know the phases of the moon.

Most of this if not found on this page will be reference on other parts
of the site. So check it out. Thanks!

How to use spells, magick, and energies.

Spells are simple - Say the spell in ryhme and the spell works everytime.

Note: You first have to believe that it will work otherwise it will not.

Warning: Your mind must be clear and focused on what you truely want.
otherwise it will change the out come of the spell being cast.
Also rember the gods control the magick so if its not ment to happen it
will not happen or it may just not the way you wanted it to happen.

Magick is energy and energy is magick. Energy and Magick are transferable.
Transferable, which means it can be sent to and from one to another.

Note: this use is good for returning what was sent to sender or reflection.
(do unto others as you would have them do unto you.)

Magick and energy can be stored in an item be it a pen and anmulet or tool.

(Magick that is stored can be used even if a person has been bound.)
(Life in and of it's self is magick so by tipping in to a life force can help.)
(When a person is bound there power still exist with in them but)
(can still be used internaly just not externally.)

Once the magick is stored it can always be used again.
Natural energies exist in everything and one who can mold or use energies can
in turn use them instead of his own but his own is always the most powerfulest.
and the most connected to the sorce of magick it's self.

(Stored energy in a pen can be use to break a bond as long as it was stored before)
(the binding took place. So one can write a unbinding spell to release themself from)
(a binding spell. Note: the words most still be spoke aloud and or burns for the)
(energy to be released. Amulets that hold energy can be spell bound to release a)
(bound item. Note: but it only last until the amulet is removed then it is bound again.)


How to use your magickal tools or items at hand.
(the rest will be added later)



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