Before reading on go to this page for information
on the tools you will need.

Warning: Rituals may call for the use of sharp insturments so if you are under the age of 13
have a parent or gardian supervise you. Don't use rusted items because you may
get cut or sick from these items P.S. Some rituals may call for use of hair
or some other item that may contain diease, do not consume these items
unless you understand the risks and know its safe.
Always ask or get tested before use of
these items.

Blood Spell


Blood Spell

Type: -Protection Ritual-
Used to protect yourself from enemys,
witch's, wiccan's, or demons.
Tools: One Afame (Don't use rusty items!)
Instructions: Take your afame and prick your finger
then lick the blood from your finger.
Then say the spell below.

Spell: With a taste of thine own blood,
Protect me from the evil one.

<=Note:Most powerful when used in desperate need.

P3 Love Spell


P3 Love Spell

Type: -Love Ritual-
Used to bering love to three wiccans.
(Must make Love-Pouch)
(listed under Potions.)
Tools: Three Love-Pouchs and a paper
with the word love on it.

Instructions: 1)Build a fire and cast a circle.
2)Say 1st part of spell and burn 1st pouch.
3)Say 2nd part of spell and burn 2nd pouch.
4)Say 3rd part of spell and burn 3rd pouch.
5)Say 4th part of spell and burn paper.

1) We summon the Physical Love
that fills us Deep.
2) We summon the Emotional Love
that which we seek.
3) We summon Love that which
we speek.
4) This we say
So Mote It Be
this we ask
!-Blessed Be-!

<=Note:Most powerful when powered by 3 wiccans.

You will need this.
@-Moon Phase Calendar-@

Here are the phases of the moon,
and their corresponding energy output
along with the phases name.